First Time Home Buyer

On Jan 9, 2015
Listed in Brandon's blog, Real Estate News

Are you a currently renting and considering purchasing your first home? Well you’ve come to the right place! The Doyle Real Estate Team is here to guide you through the home buying processes and ease the stress of making the largest purchase of your life. It is no secret that homeownership is the key to building wealth, and continues to be a foundation of the American dream.

Most buyers will start their home search online, there are many great websites that have current listings including ours. We recommend you use which ever you feel is the easiest to use, during this time you’ll get an idea of what you’re looking for and local prices. Some buyers will start attending open houses, however when you’re working with an agent we can schedule the showings on your schedule! Once you’re serious about making the move it is time to speak with a loan officer. We work with top professionals at many companies and can give you a great recommendation based on your circumstances during our free buyer consultation. Typically buyers will look at approx. 12-16 homes over the course of 2 months before making an offer. It is that point that working with a professional, and not a part time agent becomes very crucial to the success of your purchase. Our team is able to provide expert advice, assistance writing a strong offer and negotiating on your behalf. We have 25+ combined years of experience overcoming obstacles that may arise, finding solutions and know what to look out for. When buying a home it is important to do an inspection, this will give you an evaluation of the property condition and identify issues that may not been easy to spot. The buyer does pay this expense up front, but the piece of mind and potential to avoid much larger problems down the road are worth it. After we have an accepted offer and have cleared all contingencies we continue to work with lender and title company to work out all the details behind the scene to guarantee a smooth and on time closing.

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