Showing Homes in Virtual Reality

On Feb 9, 2015
Listed in Brandon's blog, Real Estate News

10955608_10101285665238911_7990523334945258213_n We’ve been doing 3D Tours for our listings with Matterport camera system since last Aug. Potential buyers have been able to explore our listings from their desktop or tablet from anywhere in the world. They’re able to get a feel for the layout and virtually walk through the home with out the need to travel or disrupt the homeowner. Now we will be able to share these models in a virtual space using Samsung Gear VR. In the photo to the left our client is exploring a virtual space. Upon experiencing VR for the first time Pratt says “This is amazing, where can I buy one?” The technology is something that cannot be explained, you just need to experience for yourself. Doyle Real Estate Team represents R&R Construction and has been able to scan completed custom homes that they’ve built in Cedar Pond Estates development here in Maple Grove. We’ve just begun to market the next development right down the road, Spring Brook  which will have a model home expected to be completed for Fall Parade of Homes. Visitors will not only be able to see the model they’re in but can also virtually explore other homes that have been built in the past. In the future if the as this technology catches on, more users will be able to virtually explore listings for sale with much cheaper viewing devices such as Google Cardboard. Our friends over at Architech 3d imaging have captured photo spheres that work on your mobile device with or with out cardboard, they’ve also created mock up spheres and full 3D models built from plans.

Click here to see more 3D Tours

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